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Being an essential service means serving industry and the public

From front line workers to grocery clerks to truck drivers keeping the supply chain intact, many businesses emerged as vital components of the area’s social safety net.
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If there was a lesson to be learned from the COVID-19 pandemic it’s that the stability of our communities relies heavily on essential services. From front line workers to grocery clerks to truck drivers keeping the supply chain intact, many businesses emerged as vital components of the area’s social safety net.

Not surprisingly, one of those businesses was Construction Equipment Co (Sault) Inc, a Sault Ste. Marie sales, rentals, parts and service supplier to both industry and the public.

“We’ve been very fortunate during the pandemic,” said Construction Equipment Co. (Sault) Inc spokesperson Danielle Loucks. “We were able to continue to help our customers throughout the ever-changing protocols. Essential businesses such as the City of Sault Ste Marie and Algoma Steel were able to utilize our services in order to continue operations within the community.”

Many Sault Ste. Marie residents who drive by the Construction Equipment Co. (Sault) Inc’s location on Great Northern Road see the large agriculture, forestry, and construction equipment and assume the business caters only to industry. However, Loucks says that what’s in the yard doesn’t tell the entire story of what you find once you’re inside the Construction Equipment Co (Sault) Inc’s showroom.

“When people hear the name Construction Equipment Co or drive by and only see our large items, they assume we’re all about big industry,” said Loucks. “They don’t realize that we also sell, rent, and service basic homeowner items. We have PPE/ safety gear, gloves, chain saws, push mowers, snowblowers, tile cutters, tampers and more. Many people need a trimmer, for example, but don’t want to buy it. We offer rentals for a half-day, full-day, even a month. We have all the regular Joe items, not just the large items you see in the yard.”

The company’s ability to serve both industry and the public was never more evident than during the pandemic, when both groups relied on Construction Equipment Co (Sault) Inc for the supplies needed to complete active projects. A steady parade of homeowners with time on their hands regularly found their way to Sault Ste. Marie location, looking to rent or buy such well-known brands as Ariens, Wacker Neuson, LS Tractor, Husqvarna®, Skyjack™, Snorkel and Stihl®.

“We were able to focus on the people who were in lockdown,” she said. “Not just big businesses, but your smaller homeowners and do-it-yourselfers. People were focusing on their homes. There were a lot of projects being completed that they had previously been put off. We were able to supply them with the gear they needed, whether they were going to rent a trimmer, buy a chain saw, clean up their deck, prune tree and shrubs or dig a new pool. They had access to all the things they needed.”

Loucks said there were still demands to be met for larger clients like the hospital or Algoma Steel, whether that meant renting equipment or servicing existing equipment. Maintaining stock during the pandemic was one of the biggest challenges, as reduced inventory from suppliers and long delivery times often made it difficult for Construction Equipment Co. to keep up with local demand.

“Supplies nation-wide were affected. More time spent at home or camp saw an increase demand for items such as chainsaws, tractors and trimmers. The diminished availability was frustrating for us and our customers.”

As a family owned and operated business since 1968, Construction Equipment Co (Sault) Inc was thankful that they were able to supply and support the community during such challenging times. However, Loucks says there have been good things to come out of the pandemic, including a growing trend from manufacturers offering green technology.

“One of the newer developments of the past year has been a lot of our bigger vendors going green,” she said. “It kind of coincides with what Algoma Steel is moving towards. Many vendors are offering battery operated options and lower/ zero emissions. They’re super light and don’t make noise. Customers are happy to see such innovative product technology.”

Whether you’re buying or renting, looking for parts, service or upgraded training, you can find it all at Construction Equipment Co (Sault) Inc. Find them online at Or call 705 942-8500.