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Ask Yazmin: How do I create a bathroom that stands out?

You’ll have the hottest bathroom on the block with these cool trends
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Just because the bathroom is one of the most frequently used rooms in your house doesn’t mean that it can’t be a fashionable space. In fact, some of the latest trends in bathroom design are decidedly cool.

Several design innovations and ideas will be changing the landscapes of our bathrooms in the years to come.

These include unexpected tactile elements, smart engineering and high-tech fixtures, new options for showers and toilets, as well as new designs for some old stand-bys. The best news of all is that all these changes will lead to bathrooms that actually work better.

We spoke to Yazmin from Heritage Home Hardware in Sault Ste. Marie about some of the trends to look out for and what you can do now to elevate your bathroom.

The attraction is magnetic

The latest shower heads and docks to hit the market actually attach magnetically, which allows for convenient handheld options at different heights. This is perfect for children, pets and seated bathing.

You can customize your space with an extra dock and add a spa-like feel. You can even pair this with your existing Moen Magnetix fixture.

The new medicine cabinet

Today’s medicine cabinets look nothing like their predecessors.

They come in new shapes and finishes—brushed brass is stunning—and look much more contemporary. They offer much-needed storage in modest dimensions and embody the principles of smart design. While we need them to corral all of our personal care items and medications, they certainly free up value space and happen to look great too.

All that glimmers is gold

Gold is back and enjoying renewed popularity in home décor. Go with a matte finish or brushed brass—either way, you’re guaranteed to enjoy the look.

The effect is glamorous and confident; it’s the perfect way to literally gild your powder room or turn your bathroom into a spa-inspired space. Use gold-tone faucets, cabinet pulls or gold-framed mirrors and accessories to incorporate this warm metal into your design.

Luxurious commodes

Bathroom technology is getting smarter with the latest toilets featuring tankless designs; this can save space and is especially ideal for smaller areas. Some models also have a built-in warm water bidet and a warm air dryer—you can even adjust the seat temperature for the ultimate in customized comfort!

There have also been advancements in the form of touchless mechanisms, including a self-cleaning nozzle, a foot sensor, an automatic lid and night lights.

Black is back in style

Prepare to welcome black back into your design scheme. This timeless colour automatically adds elegance and makes a statement. Experiment with ways you can incorporate the colour, whether it’s through a black vanity or a black metal-trimmed shower. You might even want to try a charcoal-coloured accent wall.

You can also use black-patterned tile to participate in this trend and choose from geometric or mosaic options. Even if you are committed to an all-white bathroom, you can update it expertly with a black light fixture, faucet and accessories.

The most modern way to do black right now is in a matte finish, but you can certainly use blackened metals that have a bit of shine—no matter what you choose, the result will be graphic, dynamic and timeless.

For more suggestions on how to incorporate the latest design trends in your bathroom, visit Heritage Home Hardware or call 705-759-5101.