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A superior year for one local business

Superior Staff it Inc. is gearing up to celebrate 1 year since becoming a locally-owned, standalone corporation.

Although President and Founder of Superior Staff it, Sheri-Ann Morin has been serving the community by providing healthcare professionals to her long-term care partners since 2017, October 2022 was the right time to branch out on her own and establish her standalone business to extend services and better cater to the needs of the elderly in the Algoma region. 

October 31st, 2022 was the official launch day of Superior Staff it Inc., welcoming new opportunities and ensuring the business was recognizable and relatable to the community while continuing to offer dedicated, compassionate, and ethical healthcare professionals, 24-hour support, and the highest quality of customer service. Currently, Superior Staff it employs over 130 field staff which includes Nurse Practitioners, Registered Nurses and Registered Practical Nurses, Personal Support Workers, Dietary Aides, and other designations.  

“Superior Staff it represents a more personal approach to facilitating care for our elderly population in the Algoma District. This is our community, and we pride ourselves on offering the most superior services. We represent quality, dedication, determination, and assurance to our partners and clients. We find fulfillment in knowing we are available to meet the needs of our community with a professional and compassionate approach,” Sheri-Ann says.  


Becoming a standalone company allowed Superior Staff it to offer its services to other healthcare organizations outside of long-term care and branch its services to focus on supporting seniors who wish to remain at home. 

Sheri-Ann added, “Since becoming a standalone corporation, we have been able to meet more needs of seniors in our community. We are able to support seniors who wish to remain in their homes longer by providing helpful and meaningful services such as Housekeeping and Compassionate Care Aides and we are now able to facilitate Home Care visits. We have broadened our partnerships and our outreach to the community. We have more freedom when creating our branding and marketing campaigns, so it truly reflects our vision and mission.” 

Superior Staff it introduced the Compassionate Care Aide designation in January 2023. This unique approach to senior care focuses on emotional and social support by providing a companion to seniors who experience social isolation, or whose family members are not always able to be there for their loved ones.  To keep on trend with seniors aging in place, Housekeeping Services for Seniors were introduced in July. The majority of aging Canadians will require some type of assistance after the age of 65 as daily tasks become more difficult to manage and mobility decreases. Housekeeping Services for Seniors from Superior Staff it are offered at a competitive price and an exceptionally clean home is guaranteed.  


Superior Staff it upholds that “The needs of catering to the elderly are the foundation of our business,” which has proven true not only for day-to-day operations but for Superior Staff it’s community initiatives as well. During the first year as Superior Staff it, initiatives supporting seniors in our community included:  

  • The donation of Perfect Petzzz, a life-like alternative to pet ownership, to residents in long-term care 

  • Donation drive of items for residents in Long-term care for Seniors Month in June 

  • Pen Bouquets and goodies for PSWS AND Nurses of LTC and Retirement Living during Nurses Week  

  • A fundraising golf tournament to launch a Cycling Without Age chapter in Sault Ste. Marie to provide bike rides to seniors and those with limited mobility  

 “I am most excited to bring the Cycling Without Age chapter to the Algoma district for our elderly population to enjoy. Bringing this chapter to our area has always been a dream of mine, and it is finally becoming a reality. I want everyone to take advantage of this opportunity and see all the benefits having a Cycling Without Age chapter can have in our community. This not only benefits our elderly population but allows and creates volunteering opportunities for individuals in our community to participate in a meaningful way,” Sheri-Ann elaborated. 

While the first year as Superior Staff it comes to a close, the company remains focused on senior care and supporting the community by continuing to maintain its high quality of customer service and develop strategies that cater to the needs of the elderly and the community.  With all they have accomplished in one year, it will be exciting to see how Superior Staff it continues to grow and support the Algoma Region for years to come.  

Sheri-Ann ended by saying, “In the last year we have learned and grown so much. We have had the ability to truly expand our company into something we can wholeheartedly be proud of. We feel a sense of accomplishment each and every day knowing that in some way we have made a difference in someone's life.” 

If you would like to learn more about Superior Staff it and its services call (705) 450-5683 or email them at [email protected]