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A $70 investment could get you a new furnace

DNM Heating Spring Service Package promotion offers a great prize

Do you ever get that tired feeling after a long week of overtime? That’s the same sense of exhaustion your HVAC system is feeling after going from a long winter of heating your house right into air conditioning season.

You may not have noticed, but there are signs your major HVAC components – primarily, your furnace and AC unit – could be in need of some TLC.

“When it comes to HVAC systems, there are several things you should be looking out for,” said Jonathan Vernelli, co-owner of DNM Heating and Cooling Ltd in Sault Ste. Marie. “Like noticing if your furnace or AC is running for longer time yet not meeting the set temperature, loud and abnormal noises coming from equipment. These can be a sign your HVAC equipment is not running at peak performance.

Just like your car or recreational vehicles, Vernelli said your residential HVAC system should be regularly maintained. Not only can regular servicing save you money in the short term, it can also extend the life of a vital system in your home.

“By having your HVAC system maintained each year you are ensuring that it’s working at peak performance,” he said. “Not only will this save you money in energy costs but may also prevent costly breakdowns at the worst possible times. Furthermore, a maintained unit will typically last longer than a system that has not received regular maintenance.”

With hot summer weather on the horizon, it’s important to get your AC checked in advance. However, the best time to service an AC unit is only after the outside temperatures hit an average of 12 degrees. If you’ve hired an HVAC company to test your AC when it’s still cold outside, you will not get an accurate appraisal of your AC’s performance.

Right now, DNM Heating & Cooling Ltd. is offering an exceptional annual service package that could not only save you money, but it may also qualify you to win a new furnace or heat pump unit.

“We’re offering a spring blowout which is 50 percent off yearly maintenance or annual memberships,” said Vernelli. “Along with the giveaway, to be entered into the draw for a new and installed Napoleon furnace or heat pump all you need to do is have a yearly maintenance or sign up for an annual membership. Once your service is completed, we will enter your name into the draw which will be drawn live on Facebook for all to see.”

According to Vernelli, DNM offers a variety of annual membership packages for furnace, air conditioning, boilers/Combi boilers, and fireplaces. Each package provides homeowners with peace of mind knowing that a qualified service technician is available to service your HVAC for both regular and emergency maintenance. The packages cover yearly maintenance, service, and or diagnostic calls, after hours no heat coverage along with some parts and labour.

For as low as a $70 investment, you could wind up earning yourself a new HVAC system, but it’s only available for a limited time. The final draw will be made after the June 30th contest entry deadline.

For full details, visit DNM Heating and Cooling online.