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5 Simple Tips to Help Conserve Energy in Your Home

Derek Jackson of Wardlaw Heating & Cooling shares his best advice for keeping your HVAC system energy efficient

The constant hum of a home’s heating system during a cold snap is always a signal that a higher utility bill is on the way. According to Derek Jackson, Sales and Marketing Manager for Wardlaw Heating & Cooling, there are a few things that you can do to help conserve energy even when it is freezing outside.

Wardlaw Heating & Cooling’s Top 5 Tips for Improving Your Home’s Energy Consumption

Keep up with HVAC preventative system maintenance

Derek says that the best way to keep your home’s HVAC system running efficiently is to have regularly scheduled maintenance done by professionals where they check and clean the system components. “When Wardlaw performs these maintenance services, our technicians do a series of tests to ensure the proper and efficient operation of the system,” explains Derek.

Upgrade your thermostat and/or furnace

Installing a programmable thermostat is very helpful when trying to reduce energy consumption in the home. “With a programmable thermostat, you can have the temperature at a comfortable level while you are at home and allow your system to work a little less when you’re away,” says Derek. “Smart thermostats offer even more control. Vacation modes allow you to drop your consumption immensely while away but raise the temperature to your comfort level as soon as you walk in the door.”

If it is time to replace your furnace, Derek suggests choosing a high efficiency model. “For a high efficiency furnace to live up to its potential, it needs to be sized appropriately for your home. Also look for units that have variable speed fans which run at less than 100%, but they still get the job done.”

Let the sunshine in

As simple as it sounds, letting the sunshine in during frigid winter days can take some pressure off of your heating system. The same is true in the summer – closing the shades to limit sunlight can help keep your home cooler.

Use a fan, even in the winter

A fan can help move warm upstairs air down towards the chilly lower floors. Ceiling fans can push warm air down and help to circulate the air. Reverse the fan setting in the summer to help create a cooling sensation. “A quick and easy way to keep the air moving is to keep your fan running on your HVAC system. It keeps the air circulating throughout your home,” suggests Derek.

Keep an eye on the humidity

“Too much humidity traps heat in the summer and too little feels cold and dry in the winter,” says Derek. “In order to feel the same level of comfort, you may have to adjust your thermostat a few degrees. Whole home humidifiers and dehumidifiers are becoming a common household appliance. We can add these on to an existing system or install when it is time to replace the furnace.”

Finding Expert Advice

In order to make sure that your home’s HVAC is working as efficiently as possible, Derek suggests having a professional assessment done. “Our comfort advisors assess your home and your needs. Not only can they make suggestions for energy savings, but they can help walk you through any energy efficiency rebates that may be available,” he says.

To find out more about making sure that your HVAC system is as efficient as possible, contact the helpful team at Wardlaw Heating & Cool. Give them a call at (705) 230-3148 or visit their website. They can also be found on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.