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10 tips for finding the perfect family cottage or cabin

How REALTOR® Kyle Scali can help you find the ideal summer retreat

Imagine having a private cottage or cabin for your family to enjoy every year: summers by the lake, fall weekends hiking the trails and crunching through the leaves.

Spring is the perfect time to get serious about your search. Finding the ideal property definitely requires thoughtful planning and guidance, and REALTOR® Kyle Scali can help make that dream a reality.

These are his top tips to help you get started in your quest for the ultimate summer property:

1. Define your needs and budget

Start by discussing your family’s needs and establishing a realistic budget. Scali will work with you to do this, of course, and with his expertise in the local real estate market, he can help you narrow down your options efficiently.

2. Research locations

You might be surprised by what’s available in your price range; it could unlock areas you hadn’t considered before.

Explore the regions where cottages or cabins are available; he can offer insights into each location’s amenities and recreational opportunities, as well as assess how much it will suit your family’s lifestyle.

3. Work with a trusted agent

Be sure to work with a seasoned real estate professional who knows the areas you’re looking to buy in or has a solid network of contacts they can connect to. Any transaction as substantial as a real estate purchase requires personalized attention and expert guidance throughout all stages of the buying process.

4. Consider seasonal needs

Maybe a year-round property would better suit your needs?

Think long-term about how you will use this property and factor seasonal needs into your consideration when embarking upon your search. This could turn your quest for a strictly summer retreat into options that can be lived in all year long.

5. Inspect the property first-hand

Your REALTOR® should conduct a thorough inspection of the property you are interested in. There are many issues that can affect a property’s value—and your enjoyment of it—that can be uncovered through careful attention to detail.

6. Factor in maintenance and upkeep

There are additional costs to maintaining any property, as any homeowner knows.

Find out what will be required from you in terms of upkeep—a cottage or cabin comes with many maintenance requirements—and factor those costs into your budget. Your REALTOR® can outline what you can reasonably expect and help you develop a plan for the ongoing upkeep.

7. Don’t forget your favourite recreational activities

If you’re a family that likes to swim, fish, hike or go boating, let your real estate agent know!

This can help narrow your search to areas and properties that include easy access to these recreational activities. Scali can help you find the perfect retreat for your outdoor adventures, one that will satisfy every member of the family.

8. What about rental potential?

A vacation property can be for your exclusive use or it can be a mix of personal use and rental potential.

If you’re thinking about renting out your summer property at least some of the time, mention this to your REALTOR®. He can help you evaluate good rental income opportunities and focus on factors that could impact a property’s attractiveness to renters.

9. Get to know the community

Any property is more than just a cottage, cabin or the land it sits on, it’s part of a larger local community. Ideally you will find a place that is part of a welcoming and vibrant neighbourhood.

Learn as much as you can about the local area, including the services and amenities available nearby, community events and safety; Scali is always happy to share his insights.

10. Trust your instincts

When selecting the perfect family retreat, you can trust the REALTOR®’s expertise and should be sure to follow your own instincts as well. With Scali’s guidance, you can confidently make decisions that align with your family’s preferences and priorities.

He is committed to providing exceptional service and will help you find a summer retreat where cherished memories are made year after year.

You can reach REALTOR® Kyle Scali of Century 21 Choice Realty Inc. at 705-297-5866. You can also follow him on Facebook.