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Lynn's 'golden mile' brings sunshine to Sylvan Valley (8 photos)

Lynn Orchard has been planting his long stretch of sunflowers in Sylvan Valley since 2013

Lynn Orchard has lived in Sylvan Valley all his life. From his fields, he can still view the land his family ran as a homestead since 1867.

In 2013 there was an extensive spring flood on most of the fields belonging to himself and other family members, so he decided that year he would try planting a strip of sunflowers along Highway 638 that reaches a mile in length. He obtained about 50 pounds of black oil sunflower seed and proceeded to plant using a seed drill.

It's been a regular occurrence since and very much a family affair with children and grandchildren lending their helping hands.

"I call them our smiling faces. They are for everyone to look at and enjoy. I like to see others enjoy them and if I can put smiles on their faces then that makes me happy. We have people stopping by the roadside to take pictures every part of the day,” said Orchard.

The flowers are in full bloom and will likely last through next week or so. After that they will begin to loose their petals and the centres will turn black. He does not harvest the seed but leaves them to replenish mother nature’s little critters.

You'll find Lynn and Pam's ‘Golden Mile’ along Highway 638 in the Sylvan Valley just past Cemetery Road. If you plan on stopping by the roadside, please be respectful of property and traffic.

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