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REPLAY: On the last day of Christmas, Sarah is shocked to receive a Random Act of Kindness

To wrap up SooToday’s 12 Days (plus a few extras!) of Christmas, we deliver some heartfelt gifts to Sarah

Sarah is a local volunteer with the Compassion Crew who advocates for those struggling with homelessness, addictions and mental health issues.

A dedicated and giving community member, Sarah experienced heartbreaking loss when her fiancé passed away unexpectedly. 

Despite the hardships she has faced in her life, she is always looking for ways to help others and does so with grace and kindness.

Sadly, Sarah was recently the victim of a break-in and had priceless jewellery stolen from her, including a ring containing her late fiancé’s ashes. 

On our last 12 Days of Christmas Random Act of Kindness for the year, we aim to brighten Sarah’s holidays with a special delivery.

SooToday is a proud sponsor of this program.

A big thank you to our generous fellow sponsor Lyons Timber Mart for this Random Act of Kindness.

Next year marks our 10th year of 12 Days of Christmas Random Acts of Kindness surprises. To celebrate this milestone, we have a goal of raising $100,000 to brighten the holiday season for deserving community members. Do you want to help us give back through this program? Email us at [email protected]

We adapted the 12 Days of Christmas program once again this year due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Our surprises were filmed weeks ago and all applicable public health protocols were followed.

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