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GALLERY: Scouts’ thrilling Kub Kar race returns to Station Mall

‘I enjoy the kids and seeing their reaction of racing’: Decades-old Kub Kar racetrack is still in prime condition as local Beavers and Cubs with Scouts Canada competed in head-to-head contests on Saturday

The familiar sounds of cheers and tiny racecars filled the Station Mall today as the annual Scouts Canada Kub Kar Rally made an exciting return downtown.

Beavers and Cubs with 1st Sault Ste. Marie Scouts created and decorated their own mini cars before stepping up to the start of the iconic Kub Kar racetrack to faceoff in head-to-head races.   

Helping oversee the event for 45 years, Scouts Akela Ed Martin said he’s excited to be back for the first time since before COVID.  

“I enjoy the kids and seeing their reaction of racing,” he said. “That helps me out as much as them – just their enjoyment.”

Organizers said the aluminum-based track and the custom-build optical timer have been staples of the event for decades.

The highly coveted Kub Kar trophy dates all the way back to 1977 – around the same time the race began in the Sault.

Group commissioner Neil McLean said they currently have a shortage of Scouts leaders, which means they’ve had to turn away some kids from participating.

But he’s hopeful the numbers they were accustomed to in the past, both at the leadership and youth levels, will return to normal in the years to come.

“Usually, groups would come from all over, but we only have one group from town right now,” he said. “We’re rebuilding. As we rebuild, we’ll have to expand and make new groups – that adds a lot more flair to the event.”

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