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Sault College opens welcoming and inclusive equity room

Space for youth who identify somewhere on the rainbow to collaborate ideas, sit with friends, have meetings, brainstorm, etc.
Jonathan Boyer-Nolan, Sault College Student Union President, Janice Beatty, Vice President, Corporate and Student Services and Matt Trainor, Director, Student Services cutting the ribbon to Sault College’s Equity Room. Submitted photo

Today, on the day of Love and surrounded by love, Sault College officially opened its newest space The Equity Room. This welcoming and inclusive room, whose name was chosen by Sault College students through an online poll, is a space for youth who identify somewhere on the rainbow to collaborate ideas, sit with friends, have meetings, brainstorm, study, chat, get inspiration or merely relax.

Sault College is fiercely committed to fostering a campus that celebrates diversity and individuality and promotes equity, inclusion and respect for all.

“Sault College’s Equity Room is one of the many ways we are creating spaces to support our students,” said Samantha Cirillo, Youth in Transition Worker, Sault College. “We are proud to be a part of a college community that embraces people for who they are and the beauty that surrounds that. This is what makes our campus, and I am very proud of this new space and the incredible meaning behind it!”

“Inclusivity, respect, understanding, acceptance – these important values guide our College in our everyday business and will continue to be at the forefront of future initiatives and projects,” said Dr. Ron Common, President Sault College.

“Our campus has transformed over the last several years, and today’s opening of the Equity Room is a critical part of this transformation. This space was created with our students in mind from choosing its name to making the vision of the space a reality.  Our shared values are embedded within this space and I am proud to celebrate the diversity and individuality that collectively makes us amazing!”

From the staff to students, the Equity Room has incredible significance to many and will be an essential part of the College’s future and LGBTQ2SA+ community.


The Equity Room at Sault College will provide students with the opportunity to come together and express themselves, authentically and safely. Every effort is made to create an inclusive environment in our school. We are excited to provide a safe space for everyone to feel welcome and come together to share stories and exchange ideas about positive initiatives and future directions for LGBTQ2S+ right here on campus.  Welcome to the EQUITY ROOM!

- Kayla Tessier, Counsellor, Sault College

I went to a different college, where there was no support; it felt kind of lonely and unsafe.

There was no club, no room, I didn’t feel welcome.

Coming here to Sault College, I have felt like I can be myself, I was amazed to hear that this space was being developed and it seems like everyone is really behind it. There is positive energy at this school.

I feel like this space will open up a lot of different discussions, it will bring people together, and create an atmosphere of tolerance and acceptance and Love.

I am grateful that I could be a part of this movement, and that everyone will get to enjoy this room, not just Sault College but the Sault Ste Marie community.

- Keegan Quart, Sault College Student



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