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OK Tire raises money for veterans, one dollar at a time

For every tire sold last month, $1 was donated to the Algoma Veterans Association
This year's Buck-a-Tire event raised $1,459

A local business spent November raising money for the Algoma Veterans Association (AVA).

For every tire sold last month at OK Tire, $1 was donated to the organization. As a result, AVA received a cheque for $1,459.

The not-for-profit organization was established to assist soldiers and veterans, helping them acquire skills transferable to the civilian workforce while fostering confidence, independence and social skills. 

It also offers assistance to veterans in various ways, including skills development, support for PTSD and community engagement. 

AVA President Frank Iezzi says the money will help veterans and families in our community and surrounding areas. 

“Without these donations, we would not be able to assist them with any needs they may have,” he said in a news release.

OK Tire manager Michael Bitonti said his team is thrilled to support AVA with its Buck-a-Tire campaign

“Their dedication to our community, achieved without government funding and relying on volunteers and placement students, is truly commendable,” he stated.

Since its inception, Buck-a-Tire has raised about $18,000.


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