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McDougall Energy and Imperial Oil help purchase surgical equipment

Anesthesia Carestations help to advance staff’s ability to manage pain and consciousness during Operating Room procedures
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It’s a tradition of McDougall Energy’s. When it comes to our community’s local healthcare, the top rated local business always wants to be part of supporting the delivery of excellent healthcare.

With the help of Imperial Oil, McDougall Energy is assisting in the purchase of new Anesthesia Carestations for use in the Surgical Department at the Sault Area Hospital (SAH).

The units are essential to providing excellent care for local patients and with this donation; our Foundation will be able to give the tools our healthcare providers need to do their job.

Surgeries of varying levels of severity are performed daily at SAH and the team in that department is reliant on medical technology to work with incredible precision.

The equipment in this area is purchased to continue to advance the care that is delivered on a daily basis. It is a proactive approach to ensuring our Hospital is never without the necessary equipment while working towards the highest possible standard.

“McDougall Energy has a long and proud history with Sault Area Hospital Foundation (SAHF), said Darren McDougall, President of McDougall Energy Inc. “Each and every year we are proud to be able to give back to the community that has done so much in the growth of our company. Through choosing the SAHF to focus our Community Investment funding we are also making the choice of supporting our team members who call Sault Ste. Marie their home. Access to healthcare is a priority in any community, and it is our hope that we can do our part in bringing sustainable health care solutions to those who need it most. Thank you to the SAHF and Esso for being a great partner year-after-year.”

The Anesthesia Carestations are incredible pieces of technology aiming to advance our healthcare staff’s ability to manage pain and consciousness during Operating Room procedures.

The replacement of older anesthesia equipment is aimed at advancing patient care and focusing on safety and precision in the procedure. The advancement will help Anesthesiologists monitor the body’s reactions during a surgery, administer the precise anesthetic needed and accurately monitor the changes in conditions and adjust on the fly.

This, and all equipment purchased by the Foundation, helps ensure our healthcare professionals have the tools needed to perform their skills with absolute accuracy.

McDougall Energy’s support of our local hospital was established during the campaign to build the new building on Great Northern Road. Their organization has continued with a tradition of annual giving to honour their original pledge.

Knowing that medical equipment needs are ongoing and always growing, McDougall Energy wants to continue to ensure their organization is supporting our local healthcare to help SAH provide excellent care and keep patients local for care.

The Sault Area Hospital Foundation, on behalf of the physicians, staff and patients of SAH, both present and future, would like to thank McDougall Energy, Esso™ and their employees for this generous, community-minded gift. 

Over the years our community, collectively, has ensured our Hospital has the equipment required to deliver quality care and as technology advances, equipment costs soar and our standard of care is at risk, this community continues to support and prioritize local needs to ensure we all have access to the care we all deserve. Thank you for being part of our healthcare.



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