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Algoma Custom Builders turns 20

At Algoma Custom Builders, owner and operator Joel Chisholm is celebrating twenty years in the factory home business



Purchasing a home is an important milestone in life.

Becoming aware of a variety of options currently available in the market is important, especially for those who may be first-time homebuyers.

At Algoma Custom Builders (ACB), owner and operator Joel Chisholm is celebrating twenty years in the factory home business.

As an authorized dealer for Guildcrest Homes, one of the largest modular housing producers in Canada, Chisholm offers expert advice on the features of more than forty prefabricated homes that can be purchased, delivered, and assembled on your lot.

The homes manufactured by Guildcrest are built in a controlled factory environment, which helps preserve the quality of each section.

The opportunity to purchase a prefabricated home presents homebuyers with a cost-effective alternative with a variety of options to truly customize a dream home.

Those contemplating building may benefit from a consultation with ACB as a variety of models are available and reflect a variety of price points.

When Chisholm entered the business, he himself was contemplating building a home and had run into a series of issues including escalating costs, poor workmanship, and a hard time finding qualified professionals for customized details.

Chisholm decided to purchase a factory built home and was extremely pleased with the construction of the product as it was well-insulated and arrived with a variety of customized details he could not live without. All Guildcrest homes also come with a warranty!

To celebrate Algoma Custom Builder’s anniversary and thank the public for their continued support, Chisholm invites the public to visit Algoma Custom Builder’s Facebook page to participate in a giveaway

With a new logo to commemorate the business’ Anniversary, the company is also announcing a series of expanded services, which include remodeling for interior and exterior renovations, garage building, as well as outdoor deck and fencing construction.


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