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Why these four skaters are heading to Kingston

They'll be part of the 2018 Skate Ontario Championships this weekend
Emma Carlucci, Lilia Anne Pelletier, Danielle McPhee, Yvonne Barnes.  Skate Ontario Championships 2018
Photo submitted by the Lake Superior Figure Skating Club

The Lake Superior Figure Skating Club (LSFSC) skaters Danielle McPhee, Lilia Anne Pelletier, Emma Carlucci and Yvonne Barnes have qualified for the 2018 Skate Ontario Championships which is being held in Kingston, Ont. this weekend (March 16-18).

Lake Superior Skaters will compete in the following events:

Danielle McPhee - Star 9 Short Program, Gold Ladies Free Skate and Gold Triathlon
Lilia Anne Pelletier - Star 7 Short Program and Juvenile Ladies U14
Emma Carlucci - Star 5 13&O
Yvonne Barnes - Pre Juvenile U11

The LSFSC coaching team and Board of Directors would like to wish Danielle, Lilia, Emma and Yvonne the best of luck this weekend as they represent the Lake Superior Figure Skating Club at the Skate Ontario Championships!

“In order to qualify, our skaters were ranked against other skaters competing in Ontario, having four skaters qualify with some in multiple events is a huge accomplishment.” All of our skaters worked very hard this season, we are proud of all of them,” said their head coach and director of skating, Kerry Bain.

Quick facts

  • The Lake Superior Figure Skating Club promotes camaraderie, athleticism and spirited competition, but more importantly, focuses on developing skaters who are able to set goals and inspire others, while increasing responsibility, cooperation and respect for themselves and others.
  • Located at the John Rhodes Community Centre in the beautiful City of Sault Ste Marie, Ont., the Lake Superior Figure Skating Club offers programs for all levels of skating. Whether recreational or Competitive, each category offers a wide variety of instruction, practice, testing, competition and fun for everyone!.

Learn more

To learn more of about the LSFSC or about upcoming programming and events, please visit our website.



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