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Steel City Rapids team takes second in provincial tournament

Become first team to represent Sault at 2018 Ontario Indoor Cup in Vaughan
Steel City Rapids U13 team, 2017/18. Photo provided

Steel City Rapids, a local program founded in 2016 and lead by Anthony Romano, is a soccer development program for youth of all ages.

Its mission statement is to enhance the lives of young people through soccer sports and activities that are rooted in fun and educational principles. Through the program, their hope is to give children the discipline, knowledge, and opportunities to be successful in their adult lives.

In saying all this, Steel City Rapids has put together a U13 girls team that, for the first time ever, represented our city and compete in the 2018 Ontario Indoor Cup (posted on the Ontario Soccer website) the weekend of February 10-11, 2018  in Vaughan, Ontario.

These girls have been training and working so diligently for the upcoming event, and .... their committed efforts and hard work (have served them well). With support and encouragement from our city cheering them on, the girls can attend this tournament, not only with the pride of representing Sault Ste. Marie, but with greater enthusiasm and drive to succeed in it!

The Ontario Indoor Cup in Vaughan went well for our Steel City Rapids U13 girls team.

Two Groups (A and B) with 3 teams in each group.

We were in Group B.

Game one on Saturday (12:30 p.m.) vs Brampton Brams B: 5-0 win. Isabella Fata with 2 goals, Ashlyn Noble 1, Aleya Dumanski 1 and Berlin Killoran 1.

Game two on Saturday (2:10 p.m.) vs Caledon Cyclones: 0-2 loss. Aleya Dumanski 1 and Chelsea Kennedy 1.

Game three on Saturday (5:30 p.m.), vs Brampton Brams B: 2-0 win. Isabella Fata 1 Ashlyn Noble 1.

Game four on Saturday (7:10 p.m.), vs Caledon Cyclones 0-1 loss.

Steel City Rapids advanced to the semi finals on Sunday morning (10 a.m.) playing the first place team from Group A, Brampton Brams A and winning 1-0. Isabella Fata with the goal. This led us to the championship game to face the Caledon Cyclones again.

The game was live streamed on the Ontario Soccer website ( and what a game it was!! It is still on their website if you want to catch the game or highlights.

Caledon Cyclones is one of the top teams in the GTA area. Steel City Rapids lost 5-3, taking second place, but did not give up and challenged the the Cyclones til the bitter end.

Aleya Dumanski had the first goal, Isabella Fata the next and, the highlight of the game was Gabby Lepore’s beautiful goal (featured as that on their website).

The Steel City Rapids U13 girls should be acknowledged for their tremendous efforts, taking home second place and proudly representing our city.

Coaches and parents of other teams that played in this tournament commended our girls and indicated that the Sault girls are a force to be reckoned with. That made us all proud. First time being part of this tournament and we certainly left a strong impression.

The head coach and founder of the Steel City Rapids Soccer Development Program is Anthony Romano. The assistant coach is Steve Mazzuca.