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Korah celebrates 50 years of high school football (12 photos)

50 years of Korah Colts football celebrated on a day when the school picked up a pair of wins on the field

Friday was more than just a football double-header for the Korah Colts.

On a day when its junior and senior football teams ran their respective records to 5-0, Korah honoured some of the best players to ever wear a Colts jersey in a ceremony at halftime of Friday’s senior game.

In honour of 50 years of Colts football, the school put together a list of the best players in school history and many were in attendance for Friday’s games.

“It was a special night,” said Tom Annett, who coaches the Colts current senior team.

“Those guys told me they were so excited and proud to be here,” Annett added. “It was just phenomenal. The turnout from the fans was outstanding and we couldn’t be happier. It was a great night for Korah football and the whole Korah family.”

The Top 50, which includes 55 players as there were some ties, is:


  • Les Picollo
  • Sergio Guizzetti
  • Nick Pozzebon
  • Joe Turpin
  • Paul Lucas
  • Rick Alloi
  • Carl Fryia
  • Vince Orlando
  • Ed Kennis
  • Randy Porter
  • Robin Woods
  • Mark Turpin
  • Les Amadio – Hargreaves Award Winner
  • Coaches: Dan Carmichael, Bill Ferguson, Jack O'Neil, Jimmy McLean, Ron Prickett, Vinny Greco


  • Tony Ficocciello
  • Ralph Morano – Hargreaves Award Winner
  • Stu Waite
  • Dom Nicoletta
  • John Nicoletta
  • Craig MArtynuk
  • Lui Longo
  • Arthur Manfredi
  • Craig Elliott – Hargreaves Award Winner
  • Coaches: Doug Cozac, Jack O'Neil, Ron Prickett, Mr. Swystun, Richard Maunu, Art Anderson, Ted Fryia, Dan Carmichael, Gary Cormier, Marty Smith, Dave Brescasin


  • Sean Mooney
  • Derek Belanger
  • Kevin Wilson
  • Mark Overman – DiPietro Award Winner
  • Jason Rutledge – Hargreaves Award Winner
  • Matti Tucker
  • Jason Brunetti
  • Steve Nott
  • Jeramy Bell
  • Marco Colombi
  • Lewis Hill
  • Daryl Hill
  • Mario Coccimiglio
  • Cale Krezek
  • Jason Piercey – Denman Award Winner
  • Derek Nott – Hargreaves Award Winner
  • Otis Dolan – DiPietro Award Winner
  • Darryl Wood
  • Jared Booth
  • Travis Jourdin
  • Coaches: Gary Cormier, Dave Brescasin, Paul Caldbick, Scott Gray, Brad Jourdin


  • Mike Maguire – Hargreaves Award Winner
  • Jason Rooley
  • Shawn Carr
  • Jon Day
  • Matt Parker
  • Adam Day
  • Tyson Vanderloo
  • Jordin Morin
  • Coaches: Scott Gray, Cale Krezek, Dave Burrit, Paul Caldbick, Craig Elliott, Steve Nott


  • Peter Greve
  • Brett Lacasse – Hargreaves Award Winner
  • Nick Nicoletta – Steeler Award Winner
  • Jared Litalien – DiPietro Award Winner
  • Sam Ivey – DiPietro Award Winner
  • Coaches: Tom Annett, Marco Bernabucci, Jamie Antonello

Top 50 team honorary coaches: Paul Caldbick and Scott Gray