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WATCH: Searching for Sasquatch, one Ontario forest at a time

'I think we are pretty close,' says founding member of the Trent University Sasquatch Society, during a recent appearance on 'Inside the Village' podcast

Not convinced Bigfoot exists? Talk to Ryan Willis for a few minutes, and you may change your mind.

A founding member of the Trent University Sasquatch Society, Willis spends most of his free time in forests, scouring for signs of the mythical, furry creature. Although he can't say for certain that he's unearthed any clues, the 22-year-old is definitely optimistic.

"I think we are pretty close, to answer honestly," Willis said during a recent appearance on Inside the Village, a news podcast produced by Village Media. "There are a lot of really great researchers that the general public isn't entirely aware of that are doing really great work and having pretty good results. So I think we are pretty close."

If you think you spotted a Sasquatch somewhere in Ontario, don't hesitate to reach out. Willis and his fellow club members accept any and all tips.

Launched in April, Inside the Village provides a weekly window into some of the best local journalism from across Village Media's expanding network of community newsrooms. The podcast also explores issues and ideas that impact people all over Ontario.

Willis' full interview is here. You can find every episode of the show on this news site /insidethevillage, or wherever you download your favourite podcasts.

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