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WATCH: Algoma Steel's electric arc furnace 'a great initiative'

On the latest episode of 'Inside the Village' podcast, environmentalist Keith Brooks applauds steelmaker's shift toward 'greener' technology

Algoma Steel Inc. is in the midst of a "green" transition, replacing its traditional coke-making process with two electric arc furnaces. When completed, the $700-million project is expected to reduce greenhouse gas emissions at the steel plant by approximately 70 per cent. 

On the latest episode of Inside the Village, a news podcast produced by Village Media, Keith Brooks weighs in on the company's shift toward lower-carbon production. Brooks is the Programs Director at Environmental Defence, a leading climate advocacy organization.

"They are producing materials that we still need in our society, and if we want to be building public transit and we want to be building dense cities, we are going to need steel and cement and concrete," Brooks said during the podcast. "So we have to figure out how to make them in a low-carbon way, and this move away from coal toward electric arc furnaces is a great way to go."

You can watch the full interview here, or download the episode wherever you find your favourite podcasts.​

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