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Traffic lights go and then 'BAM!' the accidents start, says local business owner

And she has video to back up her claim

The owner of a business located at an intersection that recently had its traffic lights replaced with a two-way stop says she would like to see the signals returned in light of collisions she has seen since construction at the corner ended.

Leslie Greenwood, who is the co-owner of Greenwood’s Locksmith at the intersection of Albert and Andrew Streets, posted video today showing collisions captured by one of the store’s surveillance camera.

That intersection was changed from full traffic signals to now being a two-way stop after recent construction in the area was completed.

“You take something out that has been here for 30 years? It’s going to take another 30 years for (drivers) to figure it out,” said Greenwood.

She has witnessed more accidents since the intersection was reopened without the lights than the other five years the business has been there.

“It’s always the person getting T-boned who has the right of way,” said Greenwood.

She posted the video of Wednesday night’s collision, as well as two other recent ones, to Facebook in an effort to raise awareness about traffic at the corner.

To her knowledge, no one has been seriously hurt — but she said it just takes one serious collision which could happen at any time.

“As for everybody blowing through the stop sign — it needs to either be a four-way stop or put the lights back,” said Greenwood.

Lou Turco, councillor for Ward 4, said the removal of the lights on Albert Street at Andrew and Gore Streets has been a hot topic from his constituents.

Turco said he has personally witnessed the aftermath of two collisions on Albert Street, one at each of the two corners where traffic signals were removed.

In addition to the change of signals, Turco said the signage is confusing — especially to someone like himself who has lived in the area for decades.

“You really get unsure of what you should do,” said Turco.

Generally, Turco said, he agrees with the recommendations of the city’s engineers when it comes to traffic signals — but in this case he would like to see it reversed or at least have a flashing light at the intersections.

Last February, city councillors approved the removal of traffic signals for five intersections — which include Albert Street at Gore and Andrew Streets — for a total cost savings of $8,375 for 2016 and $4,125 for 2017.

Calls to public works staff at the city were not immediately returned.

Greenwood agrees with the idea of putting up flashing lights at the intersection, making the intersections four-way stops or returning the lights to the way they were prior to construction.

She notes in all three collisions she posted at the intersection of Albert and Andrew Streets — a fire hydrant is narrowly missed.

“I am waiting for someone to take that sucker out, it would be a skating rink around here,” said Greenwood.

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