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Thessalon First Nation band councillor charged with impaired driving (2 photos)

Community heads to the polls to elect its Chief and Council in November

Monday update:

SooToday was contacted by a woman who identified herself as Marianne Giguere. She denies that she was driving the vehicle.

Sunday original story:

A woman accused of impaired driving after a car crash has been identified as a Thessalon First Nation member of council, just weeks before an expected band election.

Last week, OPP put out a press release stating Marianne Giguere, 58, of Thessalon First Nation was charged with impaired driving, and driving with more than 80 milligrams of alcohol in her blood.

That person was identified as the same Finanical Administrator and council member ‘Mary-Ann Giguere’ by other members of the Thessalon First Nation council.

Council member Albert Bisaillon, on the phone to SooToday, said it was now ‘common knowledge’ that Giguere was involved in the collision.

The band has been without a chief since January when the last chief Alfred Bisaillon passed away from lung problems, explained Albert Bisaillon.

A new chief is expected to be elected in November but because nominations are not until that month it is unknown if Giguere planned, or still plans, to run.

“As far as we know, as a rule in our election code, she is allowed to stay in council,” said Bisaillon.

Council member Shawna Boulrice also confirmed that the collision involved council member Mary-Ann Giguere.

Boulrice wasn’t sure if, after such an occurrence, someone could remain on council

“I’m not really sure, I know people are asking that and looking into it to see what’s going (to happen),” Boulrice told SooToday.





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