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Tesla won't confirm that they're totally building a charging station at the Water Tower Inn

They are though

Though Tesla officials are stingy on details, it is becoming increasingly apparent that a new Supercharger station for its vehicles is taking shape at the Sault’s Water Tower Inn.

“There’s a Sault Ste. Marie opening targeted for this year. The closest Canadian Supercharger station right now is in Sudbury,” stated Tesla spokesperson Robert Pierce in an email to SooToday.

However, when asked for details as to when the Sault station would open and where the station will be located, Pierce replied “we don’t comment on the site specifics or timing (more than ‘target opening 2019’) for our sites before they’re live.”

Tesla’s Model 3 vehicle is capable of recovering 180 miles of range in 15 minutes of charging using Tesla’s V3 Supercharging technology, with a range of 310 miles, Pierce wrote.

The presence of a Tesla Supercharger station in the Sault is part of a plan to construct stations right across the Trans-Canada Highway.

An updated online Tesla map shows Supercharger stations are also planned for Blind River and Espanola in 2019.

The slow pace in construction of Tesla Supercharger stations is due in part to delays in the deployment of the company’s new Supercharger V3 technology, say observers of the electric car industry.

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