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Something Outspoken is brewing in the Canal District (4 photos)

OutSpoken Brewing ramping up production at new facility as a patio build continues at Northern Superior Brewing

OutSpoken Brewing, a locally owned microbrewery, is expanding into a new production facility at 87 Huron Street in Sault Ste. Marie’s Canal District.

“We need to be able to brew more. Our home hub at 350 Queen Street East has served us well for several years. However, we are limited by the amount we can brew on site and there is no room to expand our current production space,” an OutSpoken news release states.

Equipment at the site is being commissioned, the production facility to open later this month.

The opening of the new brewing facility does not mean OutSpoken Brewing’s Queen Street East location is being replaced by any means.

The Huron Street facility will be mainly for production, while the Queen Street East location’s patio will be opening to customers Friday as the province gradually emerges from the COVID-19 stay at home order, the patio to be operated while observing COVID restriction rules.

“This is a perfect opportunity not only for us to brew more beer, but also to help with our initiative to encourage and support tourism in Sault Ste. Marie and Algoma. We will continue to operate our taproom and patio at 350 Queen Street East for friends and family to gather and sip on their favourite brews,” the release stated.

The microbrewery (locally owned and operated by Vaughn Alexander and Graham Atkinson) was first established in 2011, offering several types of brews for beer lovers to enjoy. 

OutSpoken on Queen Street, with a tap room in the front of the business and the patio on its exterior west side, supplies a number of Sault restaurants and taverns with its products.

Meanwhile, Northern Superior Brewing continues to build its new patio for customers at its brewery location at 50 Pim St.

It is not known when that patio will be open, as Northern Superior Brewing ownership was not available for comment Wednesday.

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