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Solutions sought for west-end truck traffic complaints

Concern expressed about speed and weight of trucks on Allen’s Side Road and Wallace Terrace
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City staffers have been directed to look for ways of resolving complaints about heavy truck traffic on Allen's Side Road and the western parts of Wallace Terrace.

City Council issued the directive earlier this week at the request of two rookie councillors from Ward 5: Corey Gardi and Matthew Scott.

"During [last fall's municipal election] campaign, the issue that I heard about most consistently in the west end, in Ward 5, was truck traffic," Councillor Gardi said.

Gardi said that while stumping door-to-door, he was asked by some ratepayers to remain in their houses to witness what happened when heavy trucks passed by.

"They rattled and shook," he said. "Some other people took me down their basement and showed me damage that over the years has gotten worse and worse."

"These trucks are constantly driving down there," Councillor Scott added. "They're not going the speed limit."

The following is the full text of the Gardi/Scott resolution passed at this week's City Council meeting:

Allen's Side Road/ Wallace Terrace truck traffic

Mover: Councillor C. Gardi
Seconder: Councillor M. Scott

Whereas Allen’s Side Road and Wallace Terrace have both increasingly become busier commercial/industrial corridors with heavy truck traffic travelling by way of both Allen’s Side Road and Wallace Terrace to a number of commercial operators located off Allen’s Side Road on Base Line and Yates Avenue; and

Whereas Allen’s Side Road and the westerly portion of Wallace Terrace have not been upgraded or improved in a number of years; and

Whereas Wallace Terrace decreases from four to two lanes west of Rowell Avenue; and

Whereas heavy truck traffic is having a negative effect on residences on both Allen’s Side Road and Wallace Terrace and homeowners are concerned that the speed and weight of vehicles is affecting their homes; and

Whereas homeowners are concerned that the speed of the heavy truck traffic presents a safety concern; and

Whereas the neighbours appreciate and understand the importance of the commercial/industrial operations and do not want to deter said operations;

Now therefore be it resolved that council request staff report regarding potential solutions specifically including (but not limited to) any recommendations relating to posted speed limits (and reductions thereof) that might be implemented to address the concerns of the taxpayers who live on both Allen’s Side Road and the westerly portion of Wallace Terrace.


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