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Significant leaks at brand-new twin ice pad under investigation

“They’re not sure if it’s from the snow on the roof melting. It appears some of the radiant tube heaters or rooftop units could be leaking as well,” says city spokesperson Tessa Vecchio

Just over two weeks have passed since the new twin ice pad arena celebrated its grand opening in the Sault’s west-end, and the facility is already facing some problems.

The city has confirmed that contractors are on-site this week investigating several rooftop leaks inside both pads of the building.

“EllisDon is still looking at what’s going on,” says Tessa Vecchio, spokesperson for the City of Sault Ste. Marie. "Further investigation from contractors suggest that the leaks are not all from the roof. Some appear to be coming from rooftop units or radiant tube heaters."

Vecchio adds that the exact cause of the roof leak is unknown, but snow from the roof on pad two has been cleared and the leaks appear to have subsided.

One reader wrote to SooToday explaining that a pair of buckets in pad one had been placed on the walkway between the glass and stands at the far end of the rink earlier this week.

That same reader noted a strong drip was also coming from the roof inside pad two, and they photographed a bucket which was collecting drippage on the ice surface.

The city says contractors remain on-site to investigate and repair the units for leaks.

“Findings and next steps will be conveyed to the city along with any updates,” Vecchio says. “As a new facility, the City will work with the general contractor to ensure any issues discovered are investigated thoroughly, repaired, and covered within the warranty period.”

No games or practices have been impacted due to the leaks according to Vecchio.


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