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Sault's rental housing incentives recommended for extension

Projects completed under existing program add up to assessment increase of more than $35 million
06-24-2020 Civic Centre 4
Re-cladding work continues on Sault Ste. Marie's Civic Centre on June 16, 2020. David Helwig, SooToday

Sault Ste. Marie city councillors will be asked Monday to approve a two-year extension on property tax breaks given to developers to support affordable and short-term housing.

"The rental housing community improvement program provides for tax rebates on a declining basis over a three-year period with an additional incentive for facilities which support assisted-living programs or where additional barrier-free units are constructed," says Don McConnell, the city's director of planning.

"The existing program provides for a tax rebate of up to 75 per cent of the municipal taxes resulting from an increase in the assessed value of the property in the first year. This declines to 50 per cent  in Year 2 and 25 per cent in Year 3".

"This program has been very successful," McConnell says.

"To date,a total of 393 units had been approved under this program. The estimated total construction value of these units is approximately $50 million."

Ten projects comprised of 176 housing units have been completed, representing an assessment increase of more than $35 million.

"The total tax rebate paid for these projects is $833,821."

McConnell says the Sault will need significant numbers of new workers to replace those expected to retire in the near future.

"Approximately 25 per cent to 30 per cent of future housing demand is projected to be for rental units," he said, adding: "The local development industry is supportive of the program."

McConnell points to the following success stories from the existing propram, with associated assessment increases:


  • 181 Greenfield Dr. - $3,010,000
  • 199 Breton Rd. - $647,000
  • 384 Dovercourt Rd. - $587,440
  • 496 Second Line West - $1,218,000
  • 606 Connaught Ave. - $3,193,100
  • 676 Bay St. - $3,828,500


  • 346 John St. - $931,500
  • 69 Elmwood St. - $1,050,175
  • 721 North St. - $10,488,575
  • 969 Queen St. - $10,777,250


  • 309 East Balfour St.
  • 46 Melrose Ave.
  • 531 Trunk Rd.
  • 100 James St.
  • 100 Estelle St.
  • 188 Kohler St.
  • 537 Trunk Rd

Monday's meeting of City Council will be livestreamed at SooToday starting at 4:30 p.m.