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Sault will be without BeaverTails until Thursday morning

Spokesperson says the weekend’s official opening was so successful, the outlet ran out of the highly sought-after treats
20190617-BeaverTails store video still
The Sault’s BeaverTails outlet at the Roberta Bondar Pavilion. File photo

Saturday’s official opening of the Sault’s BeaverTails outlet, specializing in the sale of tasty pastries, was a success.

So successful, in fact, the local outlet won’t be able to reopen until Thursday because all pastries were sold out.  

Approximately 3,300 of them were sold, said Jeff DiCorpo, local BeaverTails spokesperson, speaking to SooToday Monday.

“People lined up right around the corner toward The Delta. It was just unbelievable,” DiCorpo chuckled.

DiCorpo said the original restock order from BeaverTails won’t arrive in the Sault until Thursday, meaning it will be necessary to travel to the BeaverTails corporate headquarters in Montreal to pick up more of the popular whole-wheat pastries.

“It’ll be Wednesday evening by the time we’ll be ready to reopen. Thursday morning for sure.”

“Sheila (Purvis, local BeaverTails owner) and I opened the store and put a lot of effort into it, and it’s great. The franchise is quite shocked at how well the grand opening did,” DiCorpo said.

Saturday’s official BeaverTails opening at the Roberta Bondar Pavilion followed a soft launch June 10.

“To see people standing in line, it’s a big deal and it shows people of the Sault really want it. BeaverTails is a great franchise to work with. It’s great for the Sault, great for the boardwalk, it’s great for the downtown,” DiCorpo said.

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