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Sault man set to claim $100K 'insider win' lottery prize

Instant Winter Wild jackpot to be paid out June 25, pending no other claims to prize
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A Sault Ste. Marie resident will hopefully claim his $100,000 lottery prize on June 25 pending no additional prize claims prior to that date.

Herbert Myles won the prize playing Instant Winter Wild (game #2342) after buying the ticket at Red Apple on Causley Street in Blind River.

Since Myles' daughter works for OLG, the prize claim falls within OLG's definition of an Insider Win, says a news release issued by OLG.

"Claims of $10,000 or more made by Insiders require enhanced review and validation as well as a 30-day publication period prior to payment to ensure there are no additional claims on the winning ticket," the release says.

"It is OLG's goal to ensure that the right prize is paid to the right person(s) every time."

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