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Sault College, Algoma U align for new diploma to degree pathway

Graduates from Sault College’s Social Service Worker program will now be eligible to enter year three of Algoma University’s Bachelor of Social Work where a diploma and degree can both be attained in four years

Sault College and Algoma University announced on Tuesday a new diploma to degree pathway agreement for college students taking the social work program.

Eligible graduates of Sault College’s two-year Social Service Worker (SSW) and Social Service Worker-Indigenous Specialization (SSW-IS) programs can now enter year three of Algoma University’s Bachelor of Social Work.

There, students can complete both their diploma and degree in just four years.

Algoma University president Asima Vezina joined Sault College president Dr. Ron Common to sign the new agreement in front of a crowd of students, professors, deans, and dignitaries in the lobby of the college’s J Wing this afternoon.

Vezina says she is both excited and eager to get this new partnership up and running.

“Our community needs college and university educated graduates, more so today than I think ever before,” she says. “I think this pathway in particular is going to help us with the wellness challenges we’re dealing with in our community right now.”

“We are off balance, and we need to get people trained quickly and at a high level so they can go into our community and help.”

It was also announced on Tuesday that eligible graduates of Sault College’s Child and Youth Care (CYC) three-year diploma program can now enter year three of Algoma’s Bachelor of Social Work program and complete both their diploma and degree in five years.

“Our mission is getting students to where they want to be as soon as possible,” Common says. “Everything we do at Sault College is for the students. We’re on a steady path for growth, and we’re so excited for the future.”

SSW and SSW-IS graduates must complete their two-year diploma program with a minimum overall GPA of 3.30, and CYC graduates must complete their program with a 3.00 GPA.

According to a press release, “these new agreements are aligned with both institutions’ strategic priorities to expand postsecondary access, enhance the overall educational experience for students, and support the current and future workforce needs in Ontario.”

Vezina adds that Algoma University is also introducing a master’s in social work.

“For students who come through the college, within six years, they’ll have a college diploma, a social work degree, and a master’s in social work or psychology,” she says. This is important.”

“The college students that are coming to the university have been very successful.”

Sault College and Algoma University’s partnership is the latest of several existing pathways, including but not limited to: Business, Computer Programming, Environment Science, General Arts, and Science and Justice Studies.

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