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Salvation Army gets boost from police association

The Sault Ste Marie Police Association (SSMPA) is donating $3,000 to help support the local Salvation Army Food Bank
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The Sault Ste Marie Police Association (SSMPA) is donating $3,000 to help support the local Salvation Army Food Bank. The donation comes from a Community Fund Progarm started in April with dollars donated by members matched by the Police Association of Ontario (PAO).

The PAO supports its members on the local level matching donations towards local charities such as homeless and women’s shelters, food banks and mental health programs. The local Salvation Army that services approximately 19,000 people per year in the municipality

“Working with the provincial-based Police Association of Ontario (PAO) through a Community Fund Program, we wanted to help out with some of the most vulnerable in our city through a donation to the food bank,” said SSMPA President Josh Teresinski. “The donation will go to stockpiling food at the centre so that those who are experiencing food insecurity due to unemployment, homelessness and/or living with mental health conditions can have access to additional supplies during this time of economic uncertainty.” 

“We appreciate the donation from the SSMPA, especially during this time,” says Maj. Sean Furey, Director of the Food Bank on Elgin Street. “We have these services for families and individuals who are experiencing a crisis that may be related to food insecurity for a number of reasons. We want to make our community a better and safer place for everyone in the city.”

Teresinski said the local police association is an important part of the community, helping those that may need a little extra help in times such as these. “When everyone pulls together, especially in times like these, we know donations like this can make a big difference for many who are vulnerable in our community."

The Sault Ste Marie Police Association represents 186 police services personnel.

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