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Romano offers congratulations to Garden River First Nation electees

Paul Syrette re-elected as Garden River First Nation chief
20170907-Garden River Chief Paul Syrette and Greg Bowman-DT
Paul Syrette, Garden River First Nation chief, with Greg Bowman, Be Housing CEO, Sept. 7, 2017. Darren Taylor/SooToday

Garden River First Nation held its election Tuesday, and incumbent Chief Paul Syrette was re-elected, defeating his opponent Brandi Marie Nolan 392 votes to 341.

A total of 31 candidates ran for 12 available councillor positions. Elected as councillors were:

Karen Bell - 404 votes Chris Solomon Sr. - 334 votes
Caroline Barry - 315 votes
Andy Rickard - 312
Darwin Belleau - 305 votes
Leslie Zack-Caraballo - 294 votes
Susan (Sue) Bell-Chiblow - 290 votes
Darryl Williams-Jones (Bud Jones) - 282 votes
Morley Pine - 270 votes
Craig Joseph Sayers - 267 votes
Deb (Deborah) Pine - 260 votes
Pamela Perreault - 241 Votes

A news release issued today by MPP Ross Romano follows.

I wish to offer my congratulations to Chief Paul Syrette on his successful campaign to be re-elected in Garden River First Nation. Chief Syrette has a long history of serving the people of Garden River, both as chief and as an officer with the Anishnabek Police Service. I look forward to working with him and I wish him every success in his continued leadership.

I’d like to congratulate all new or returning councillors: Karen Bell, Chris Solomon Sr., Caroline Barry, Andy Rickard, Darwin Belleau, Leslie Zack-Caraballo, Susan Bell-Chiblow, Darryl Williams-Jones, Morley Pine, Craig Sayers, Deb Pine, and Pamela Perreault.

I also want to acknowledge Brandi Marie Nolan for her efforts and her good campaign. I send her my best wishes for all her future endeavours.