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Roadway painting underway in the Sault

City of Sault Ste. Marie advising motorists to avoid fresh paint, expect traffic delays
Queen Street Line Painting
Line painting on Queen St. on June 12, 2018. David Helwig/SooToday

The City of Sault Ste. Marie's public works department says the painting of lines on city roadways will begin soon. 

Public works director Susan Hamilton-Beach informed SooToday via email Tuesday that the contractor responsible for the painting of longer lines - yellow centre lines, white lines, edges and bike lanes - arrived in Sault Ste. Marie this morning. 

The work is usually completed in about 36 hours. 

"Weather and paint supplies have posed significant challenges this year for the city's road painting program," Hamilton-Beach said. 

City crews, meanwhile, have been working on painting stop blocks and symbols which includes intersection markings, rail crossings, turn arrows and bike symbols since May. The work will continue until November or when the snow arrives.

The municipality says workers are approximately "50 per cent" done painting stop blocks and symbols. 

The City of Sault Ste. Marie is advising the public of traffic delays during the road painting project: 

The painting of city streets will begin today. During this time, motorists may experience some traffic delays.  

Although the paint used is water-based, it is designed to be safe for employees and the environment, and durable enough to withstand adverse weather conditions. Motorists are advised that should they drive through recently painted lines, paint will permanently adhere to one’s vehicle. The public is urged to be cautious and obey all signage.  

The City of Sault Ste. Marie thanks the public for their patience and understanding while this essential road maintenance takes place. For additional information, contact Public Works and Engineering Services at 705-759-5201 or email