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Reg Niganobe steps down as Mississauga First Nation chief

Former leader of north shore community intends to focus on new role as Anishinabek Nation grand council chief
Anishinabek Grand Council Chief Reg Niganobe is stepping down as chief of Mississauga First Nation.

Reg Niganobe has officially stepped down as chief of Mississauga First Nation to focus on his new role as grand council chief of the Anshinabek Nation.

Niganobe served on council for the north shore community since 2009. He was elected as chief in 2011, according to the Mississauga First Nation website. 

The full text of the news release follows: 

Long serving Chief Reginald Niganobe has tendered his resignation to Chief and Council to more fully focus on his new role as the Grand Council Chief of the Anishinabek Nation. Reg has served as the Mississauga FN Chief since 2011 with integrity and great dedication. 

Chief Reg has many ties to the community through his relations and will continue to be a champion for youth, governance, and treaties in his new position.

Council members are saddened to see Reg depart but would like to extend their gratitude at his leadership over the last 10 years. They wish him the very best as he endeavours to advocate for the continued growth of the Anishinabek Nation.

A farewell ceremony will be announced in the coming days. A By-Election has been called, notice to membership will follow from the Electoral Officer.

Until a new Chief is selected, Councillor Gloria Daybutch has been appointed to act as Spokesperson for Council. 

Any concerns that you would like to bring to Council can be directed to her at [email protected] or 705-844-0788.

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