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Recommendations to OPP and Sault Ste. Marie City Police

Ontario Provincial Police (OPP)/Sault Ste. Marie Police 9.

Ontario Provincial Police (OPP)/Sault Ste. Marie Police

9. OPP should actively publicize that its community service officers are available and willing to provide boating safety information for organizations that are involved in conducting boating activities.

10. OPP should immediately increase the number of supervising uniformed officers at OPP's North Bay Communications Centre from one officer to two officers.

11. When new officers are placed in the communication center they are to be cross trained for a duration that allows them to properly carry out their duties.

12. OPP should continue to monitor the operations of its communications centres with a view to determining whether additional training is required for either its supervising uniformed officers and/or civilian staff at the communications centres.

13. OPP should explore options for installing in its communications centres equipment that would enable the communications centre staff to overhear radio communications among boats that are involved in a search and rescue effort.

14. The OPP/Sault Ste. Marie Police Departments should equip their search and rescue with the following equipment: (a) Global positioning system devices; (b) Night vision goggles; and (c) Image stabilization binoculars;

15. The OPP should ensure that designated training boats are available so that local marine units are not left short handed.

16. OPP/Sault Ste. Marie Police partner with the school boards to annually educate in the areas of boating safety and the dangers of hypothermia


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