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Plumes of black smoke at Algoma Steel (update, 6 photos)

The fire has started in company's coal conveyor belt, Algoma Steel Emergency Services say

7:20 update:

The fire that ignited late this afternoon in Algoma Steel broke out on company's coal conveyor belt that supplies two coke batteries, Brenda Stenta from Algoma Steel Emergency Services wrote in an email to SooToday.

Algoma Emergency Services crews and City Fire assisted with the fire. The fire has been put out, and people were evacuated. The fire crews remain on the scene to monitor the site. 

No injuries have been reported so far. 

Algoma Steel is currently assessing the damages. 

Full email from Stenta follows: 

Late this afternoon, a fire broke out on our coal conveyor belt that supplies two of our coke batteries. Algoma Emergency Services personnel responded with support from City Fire. Personnel in the area were evacuated, and the fire has been extinguished. Fire crews remain on scene to monitor and douse the site. No one was injured. The company is assessing the extent of damages and time to repair and return to normal coke production.

There is no impact to iron or steel production.

The Spills Action Centre and Ministry of Environment have been notified

Original story:

Black smoke has been seen coming from Algoma Steel this late afternoon.

SooToday has learned from the steel plant workers, who opted to remain anonymous, that the fire might have started inside the coal tower. 

Plumes of smoke seem to have stopped for a few minutes and started again.

Flames have been visible inside the top of the tower. 

Fire crews are currently working on the scene. 

The smoke was reduced considerably after 6 p.m., while the area around the coal tower has been seen covered in haze.

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