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Plans in place for residents of Cedarwood Lodge

There are additional beds to come online in the community
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Cedarwood Lodge File Photo

SAH Vice President Sue Roger foresees no problems in relocating residents of Cedarwood Lodge in other long-term care homes.  

“As far as I am aware, there are placement plans for the current patients at Cedarwood,” she said at Monday's Sault Area Hospital Board meeting.

“There are additional beds to come online in the community that should likely coincide with an uptake later this year at Mauno Kaihla Koti Nursing Home. I don’t have any concerns at this time. There are lots of beds available in Algoma to take up the volume of patients that still remain at Cedarwood. Some of them are in Thessalon, for example. Some of them are down the line, but some of the residents are from down the line as well, so we believe there are sufficient beds to place the residents and then new beds to come online to take them.”

It is not yet known if any Cedarwood Lodge residents have been - or may be - relocated to a long-term care home not of their choosing under Ontario’s Bill 7.

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