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Penokean Hills Farms butcher shop set for soft open

Penokean Hills Farms offers locally raised beef, Northern Ontario products

Penokean Hills Farms will celebrate the soft opening of its new butcher shop this weekend.

Located in Bruce Mines, about an hour east of Sault Ste. Marie, the shop is connected to the company’s new abattoir, which recently opened after years of planning.

The shop will sell Penokean Hills Farms beef, along with a selection of Ontario chicken and pork. It will also offer a range of products produced in the North and from across Ontario.

Penokean Hills Farms is a group of Algoma-area farmers who raise grass-fed beef finished on an award-winning pea-and-barley diet that’s marketed under one brand. Their products are sold locally, across Northern Ontario, and in high-end butcher shops and restaurants in the GTA.

When it was launched in 2005, a primary goal of the company was to strengthen the Algoma cattle-farming industry and maintain and create new agriculture jobs for the region.

It’s since developed a reputation for producing tasty, high-quality beef that’s sought after in markets across the province.

In 2008, the company won the Premier’s Award for Agri-food Innovation Excellence for its pea-and-barley finishing diet, and in 2021, it was named Company of the Year (1-15 employees) during the Northern Ontario Business Awards (an initiative of Northern Ontario Business).

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