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Nickel-sized hail, 90km/h wind gusts possible as part of thunderstorm

The storm is being tracked southwest of Harmony at this time
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Environment Canada is currently tracking a severe thunderstorm located 56 km southwest of Harmony that could bring with it 90 km/h wind gusts and nickel-sized hail.

The thunderstorm has prompted a severe thunderstorm warning for the Sault Ste. Marie and St. Joseph Island areas.

Environment Canada says the storm is moving northeast at a rate of 90 km/h.

Among the potential areas that could be affected by the storm are: St. Joseph Island, Thessalon, Harmony, MacLennan, McCluskie Lake, Carterton, Desbarats Lake, Bog Lake, Tower Lake, Portlock, Gibboney Lake, Gordon Lake, Caribou Lake, Rock Lake, Ottertail Lake, Cloudslee, Basswood Lake, Bright Lake and Red Rock Lake.