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New tools available for job seekers

Site can be accessed through AWIC
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A new website contains many of the tools needed to look for work and understand local employment trends.

Algoma Workforce Investment Corporation (AWIC) is providing access to a job board that gathers job postings into one spot from over 30 local, regional, provincial and national job banks along with tools for researching in-demand occupations and potential career paths.

“We have been producing reports based on online job postings for the past few years but these new tools have taken that to the next level’, says Jonathan Coulman, Executive Director of AWIC in a press release. “The tools also allow visitors to do a deeper dive into researching occupations, career paths and the first-hand experiences of people working in a variety of jobs around Algoma.”

AWIC’s website, the new suite of career tools and current labour market research can be accessed at

Teachers and career counselors who are interested in more information about the Career Tools can contact AWIC at