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New active transportation plan in development locally

City senior planner Stephen Turco says the hope is that the new master plan will make the city's transportation network 'more accessible and convenient for people who walk, bike and wheel to get around'
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The city is in the process of developing a new active transportation plan.

The new initiative - called Soo Moves' - will provide recommendations on how to transform the city's transportation system from auto-oriented into an integrated mobility network.

The plan looks at the current conditions of cycling and pedestrian infrastructure and assesses improvements for effective and safe transportation choices.

“The goal of a new Active Transportation Master Plan is to make the city’s transportation network more accessible and convenient for people who walk, bike and wheel to get around,” said Stephen Turco, senior planner in a prepared statement. “By developing a plan to create new cycling routes, trails, sidewalk connections and crossings, the city will build on its investments in the John Rowswell Hub Trail and spoke routes to support more choice in how people get around. We want to create a plan that is informed by the lived experiences of all people who call Sault Ste. Marie home.”

For further information on the plan, click here.

Priorities for implementation for the plan will include community feedback, city input, capital works forecasts and the preferred active transportation network. 

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