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Have a ‘crappy ex'? Animal rescue group wants to plaster their name on litter boxes

‘This is all for fun and for a good cause’: Second Chances Animal Rescue launches edgy fundraiser where residents can donate to have ex-partner's name written on a litter box

Organizers with one of the Sault’s largest animal rescues are calling on residents to poke some “harmless fun” at their ex-partners while raising money for a worthy cause this Valentine’s season.

Second Chances Animal Rescue is on day one of their “Crappy Ex Fundraiser” — a campaign that gives donors a trio of unique and edgy options to select from:

  • $5 donation: Animal rescue will write your ex’s first name on one of their litter boxes and let the foster cats “do what they do best”
  • $20 donation: First name and last name written on the litter box — “oh, the shame”
  • $50 donation: Hand-delivered gift box that contains a single “cat turd” (piece of chocolate) to your ex’s door, signed as anonymous and "not for unlawful or harassment purposes"

The group noted that photos of the litter boxes with first names only will be uploaded to their social media page throughout the duration of the fundraiser.

Second Chances co-founder Melissa Pritchard told SooToday they were slightly hesitant with the idea at first, but after some careful consideration with her colleagues, the rescue is hoping to stir up some laughter around the city.

“I was actually a little afraid to launch it,” she admitted. “I’ve seen it done tons of times in bigger rescues and cities, but it’s definitely not something people around here are used to. We figured the same old fundraisers can get boring, and this one is all for fun and for a good cause.”

“Everybody has an ex, and we’re just hoping people see the humour in it,” she added. “The people donating will remain completely anonymous.”

Formed by five women in August 2023, Second Chances receives messages through their social media page about animals in need of assistance. The rescue will determine if they have the resources to help and if they have an appropriate foster to match that animal with.

From there, the volunteers will get the animal vaccinated, micro-chipped, and then schedule deworming and flea prevention practices when necessary. If the animal is not spayed or neutered, the rescuers will set up an appointment at the Sault Animal Hospital across the river.

Donations they receive from fundraising efforts go towards food, training pads, toys, blankets, flea/tick treatments, shots and surgeries.

“We rely heavily on our foster homes,” Pritchard said. “We couldn’t do what we do without them. They do a ton of work, so we make sure to supply everything we can for them.”

In the past week alone, Second Chances has rescued 23 puppies – all of whom will be fostered while they await their forever homes.

While she isn’t sure how this adventurous and perhaps risky fundraiser will go, Pritchard feels grateful for any support, big or small.

“If it’s not a huge hit — that’s okay,” she said. “We’re just hoping this helps raise some awareness that we’re out there, because we’re trying really hard. Every little bit helps, and if we can have some fun with it, even better.”

Residents looking to take part in Second Chances “Crappy Ex Fundraiser” can e-transfer [email protected] and include a note that details which option they’ve selected along with the name of their ex. Again, donors will remain anonymous.

“And the names will not be removed from the litter box if you get back together,” Pritchard laughed.

The fundraiser runs from now until Valentine’s Day.

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