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Garden River appoints Robert Peace as RHT settlement coordinator

Former Sault mayoral candidate to advise chief and council on planning, distribution and investment of funds from historic $10B Robinson Huron Treaty annuities settlement
Robert Peace has been appointed as the new Robinson Huron Treaty Coordinator for Garden River First Nation.

Garden River First Nation has appointed Sault Ste. Marie Helping Hands president and former mayoral candidate Robert Peace to help manage the distribution of forthcoming compensation dollars as Robinson Huron Treaty Coordinator. 

Peace will advise leadership on the “strategic and respectful” disbursement and investment of funds from the historic $10-billion treaty annuities settlement announced last year as part of his new role, according to a news release issued by the First Nation Wednesday.  

It's unclear how much money is flowing into Garden River as part of the settlement, which will be distributed to 21 First Nations in Robinson Huron Treaty territory. 

"I am deeply honoured to be part of this pivotal moment for Garden River First Nation and the broader Robinson Huron Treaty community,” said Peace. “This settlement represents not just financial restitution but a renewal of commitments and relationships. My focus will be on facilitating a process that is transparent, culturally sensitive, and inclusive, ensuring the legacy of this settlement is one of empowerment and progress for the people."

"In the digital age, the security of our financial and strategic information is paramount. I will work diligently to ensure that the band receives the advice needed to ensure a secure position in the planning, distribution and investment of the funds,” Peace continued. “I'm looking forward to engaging with as many people as possible face to face to listen and inform."

Garden River First Nation believes Peace’s expertise in community engagement and strategic planning will be instrumental in navigating the complexities of the disbursement of funds, which will include informing registered band members of proposed distributions.

"Robert's visionary leadership and commitment to our community's well-being make him the ideal person to hold this office,” said Garden River First Nation Chief Karen Bell. “As we navigate through this historic moment, his guidance to chief and council will ensure that we hear from our community in the most effective and meaningful way." 

As previously reported by SooToday, the Robinson Huron Litigation Fund received the final installment of the $10-billion annuities settlement March 25, with the full amount of the settlement accruing $1.3 million in interest each day since. 

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