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Former Sault NDP candidate now supports Conservative leader Poilievre

Saultites share their opinions of Opposition Leader’s platform after Thursday rally at Machine Shop

Following a rally held by Conservative Party of Canada leader Pierre Poilievre at the Sault’s Machine Shop early Thursday afternoon it was clear that those in attendance liked what the politician had to say. 

After an interview with SooToday Thursday morning, Poilievre told The Machine Shop audience that if elected in the next federal vote he would scrap the Justin Trudeau government’s carbon tax, tackle inflation, get tough on drugs and crime, encourage the building of more houses in Canada, protect gun rights of hunters and boost growth in the energy sector by using pipes made by industries such as the Sault’s Tenaris mill for Canada’s oil industry.

Portraying the Trudeau government as increasingly dictatorial, he also opposes any plans for a central bank digital currency, supports making vaccinations a personal choice and wants to fight China’s interference in Canadian affairs.

Poilievre’s stance on the issues drew enthusiastic applause from the The Machine Shop audience.

Skip Morrison, who was the NDP candidate for Sault Ste. Marie in the 2015 federal election, is now a supporter of Conservative leader Poilievre.

“I suspected at that time that Justin Trudeau was going to be a disaster for this country and I’ve watched the NDP become lapdogs to Trudeau with this so-called coalition support,” Morrison told SooToday.

“I don’t see the current NDP having any policies on anything. They're simply trying to stay viable and anyone who supports Justin Trudeau’s government is doing a disservice to this country.”

The country watched as the Trudeau government cracked down on truckers protesting COVID-19 vaccine mandates in Ottawa in 2022 by freezing the bank accounts of those involved in the protests.

“I’m seeing a constant erosion of individual freedoms,” Morrison said.

“That’s not just a cliche. The imposition of vaccine mandates and the absolute evil of seizing bank accounts that was done over a year ago ended any concept of the right of Canadians to own private property, and when your bank account can be seized simply because you make a donation to a cause that’s the end of private property rights in this country.” 

Of his switch in political leanings, Morrison said “when circumstances change a man has to change his opinions otherwise you’re simply not a critical thinker. It’s not too hard to be a critical thinker and see the disaster that’s unfolding in this country today.”

Morrison said he feels that Poilievre is trying to restore common sense and ethics in politics.

Many Canadians are alarmed by developments involving China.

It is believed that Chinese police stations exist in Canada and are being used to watch and threaten Chinese citizens living in this country.

“Trudeau’s government is turning Canada into a Communist regime. That’s the bottom line,” said Saultite Michael Gassi after Thursday’s Poilievre rally.

“This guy here (Poilievre) is our only hope. I’m so glad he speaks up about the Communist involvement from China. What’s with these Chinese police stations in Canada? What’s with shipping jobs to China to make lithium batteries when we can do that here?"

The Liberal government has said that the so-called Chinese police stations in Canada have been shut down and that the RCMP will keep its eyes peeled.

“I want my grandchildren to be free. I want them to have freedom of speech. I want them to have a good economy, to be able to afford a home. Pierre Poilievre is our only hope from what I can see. We’re heading in the right direction. I just want to make sure he gets voted in,” Gassi said.

Saultites in attendance at Thursday’s rally liked Poilievre’s policies on everyday pocketbook issues such as the carbon tax and affordability.

“I think he has the right plan. You can’t tax people into poverty and expect the economy to grow,” Jon Turner said.

“I can’t think of anything that isn’t more expensive than it was a year ago, two years ago, three years ago. I don’t know anyone right now who’s better off than they were three years ago. Poilievre cutting taxes and giving back money is the only way to go.”

“Poilievre is an excellent speaker and a real common sense man. The carbon tax has to go. Everything he said was right on,” Jerry Elliott said.

“I think he’s got a lot of great ideas. He wants to get back to the basics and common sense,” said Derek Pearce.

“Under the Trudeau government we’ve seen the cost of living going up. Groceries that used to cost a hundred dollars a week cost more. I’m a small business owner too so I see the inflationary costs in the material that I buy.”

Pearce said he welcomes Poilievre’s proposed tax cuts and his ‘get tough on crime’ comments.

“I’ve been looking for a store front for my business for the last three or four years and one of the main reasons why I don’t want to locate on Queen Street is the crime.”

Earlier Thursday, Poilievre met Tenaris management officials and workers.

Currently on a tour of northern Ontario, he was scheduled to visit Sudbury later in the afternoon.

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