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Employment Solutions has 99 jobs for you

99 jobs for people aged 15 to 99
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Employment Solutions has no shortage of job opportunities for job seekers in the Sault Ste. Marie and Algoma District, even with the holiday season around the corner.

On Dec. 10, Employment Solutions began a 99-day campaign to showcase their commitment with assisting local job seekers in achieving their employment goals.

Employment Solutions currently has 99 jobs available from the various employers they are working with in the community. They can connect you with employers and new job opportunities that are related to your interests.

Although many new jobs are added daily, including secret jobs, several postings close quickly. Secret jobs are employment opportunities that are not advertised publicly and are only available to Employment Solutions clients.

Catherine Tosello, the Team Lead for Job Matching, Placement and Incentive explains, “our Job Development team works diligently in the background reaching out to employers in our community, to ensure up-to-date information on hiring is brought back to the team. Our registered clients are then privy to behind-the-scenes information.”

Don’t wait to work with Employment Solutions. Visit them today to get the job you have been waiting for.

If you are looking for work, access their same-day service and be part of the success of the Employment Solutions 99 Jobs campaign.

Employment Consultants are ready to meet with you one-on-one and assist you with your job search plan, including connecting you with employers and providing specialized resume and cover letter writing assistance.

Whether you are looking for your very first job, are an experienced worker, or if you would benefit from additional training and education, their free employment services will help you to fulfil your job search goals.

If you are a job seeker aged 15 to 99, Employment Solutions can help you.

To learn more about 99 Jobs and how you can get one, drop in to Employment Solutions today, before you miss the next job opportunity.

The team at Employment Solutions is standing by to provide free one-on-one job search support. Visit Employment Solutions at 421 Bay Street in Sault Ste. Marie, on the fourth floor of Station Tower and ask about 99 Jobs.

If you are an employer or are involved with hiring at your company, contact us to join the 99 Jobs campaign and receive free support for your hiring needs.

Phone Employment Solutions at 705-945-0705 to access their free job posting service, collection and screening of resumes, referrals from a pool of candidates, hiring and training incentives, job fairs and more.

More about Employment Solutions: We offer a full range of free employment programs and services for both job seekers and employers. Free access to computers, the internet, a photocopier/fax machine and other tools to assist with job search are available.

Employment Solutions offers employment consulting services, employment-related workshops and an extensive job posting board updated daily with local postings and unadvertised positions.

For employers, Employment Solutions provides a job posting service, including confidential postings, and can assist with résumé collection, pre-screening and the referral of qualified candidates among other services.

Located in the Station Tower, 421 Bay Street, 4th Floor, Employment Solutions is a department of Sault College, and its programs and services are funded by the Government of Ontario.

Employment Solutions also has an office located in Blind River to support those in and around Blind River and the North Shore. Nos services sont aussi disponibles en français. Visit our website to learn more.



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