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Emily Hillstrom + A Thymely Manner = win (5 photos)

Miss Sault Ste.

Miss Sault Ste. Marie Emily Hillstrom in partnership with A Thymely
Manner hosted a fundraiser this past weekend in support of Northern
Ontario Families of Children with Cancer; which strives to improve the
lives of families dealing with childhood cancer.

Tickets to this event were $100 and filled A Thymely Manner with a
diverse crowd of local doctors, business owners, Sault College staff,
family, friends, and several representatives from the Northern Ontario
Families of Children with Cancer.

All in attendance were privileged to enjoy a food and wine pairing
dinner which included some traditional dishes as well as some unique
dishes you can only find at A Thymely Manner.

In addition to the ticketed dinner, Hillstrom also organized a Silent
Auction including several gift certificates from Algoma's Water Tower
Inn and the Essar Centre as well as autographed flight jackets from
local heroine Roberta Bondar.

Hillstrom coordinated this fundraiser in memory of a close childhood
friend, Lucia De Luca, who past away from cancer in late 2010.

Hillstrom will continue her fundraising campaign and gladly accept
donations until May 10th. Miss Sault Ste. Marie Emily Hillstrom can be
contacted for donations by e-mail or on Facebook.

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