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CAO's contract to be allowed to expire in September

Mayor moves to begin hunt for replacement immediately
20160208 City CAO Albert Horsman Profile KA
City CAO Al Horsman is pictured in council chambers in this 2016 file photo. Kenneth Armstrong/SooToday

In a report included in the package for tonight's city council meeting, Mayor Christian Provenzano informs councillors that Al Horsman, who has been the city's chief administrative officer since 2015, when he replaced longtime CAO Joe Fratesi, will not be staying on past the end of his four-year contract in September. 

The mayor suggests moving ahead to find a replacement immediately without the assistance of a professional search consultant. 

The following is the full text of the mayor's report to council:


At its special meeting on August 24, 2015 City Council approved the hiring of Al Horsman for a four (4) year term and authorized the execution of an employment contract accordingly. CAO Horsman’s employment contract expires in September, 2019, unless the contract is extended. The employment contract contains a provision that allows the City to extend the contract and requires the City to provide notice of extension in March, 2019.

The parties have had a number of discussions about the contract and CAO Horsman’s employment with the City and the parties have determined that the contract will expire at the end of its prescribed term in September, 2019. I am of the opinion that we should begin a CAO search immediately to allow ourselves a healthy time frame to complete a proper search process. This also provides the municipality with the opportunity to have a candidate in place prior to the expiration of the current CAO contract to ensure an orderly transition and corporate stability.

The Guidelines for the Recruitment and Selection of Senior Staff (August, 2011) is attached hereto and provides for a selection committee of the Mayor and two City Councillors. I am of the opinion/preference that the two Councillor committee members should include an experienced Councillor and a new Councillor, a male and a female and that each Councillor should have a flexible schedule and generally be available throughout the work day.

I would like to begin the search process without the assistance of a professional search consultant. Since my election as Mayor in 2014, I have been involved in processes that have used search consultants and processes that have not used search consultants. I also now have the experience of completing a CAO search. In accord with the governing corporate policy, I would like to work with the Selection Committee and human resources to complete the search process ourselves and spare, if possible, the time, effort and resources involved in procuring and retaining a search consultant.

If it happens that we do not have a satisfactory response to our own efforts, the Committee can and will then retain the assistance of a search consultant. In accord with the governing policy, the Committee will keep Council apprised throughout the process.


That City Council authorize the filling of the CAO vacancy which will occur at the expiration of the current CAO’s contract.

That City Council approve a Selection Committee consisting of the Mayor, Councillor and Councillor .

Respectfully submitted
Christian Provenzano