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Annual 'Sunshine List' charts Sault's $100,000-and-up earners

Union claims the list enabled a stalker to locate and harass a public servant who had changed her name and moved to another city. Demands province remove all names of individuals from future lists
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Dr. Michael D'Agostino isn't just on Ontario's just-released 'Sunshine List' of people who earn $100,000 or more from the public purse.

The Sault Area Hospital (SAH) surgical and forensic pathologist qualified three times over in 2017, with combined salary and taxable benefits of $320,543.

Even D'Agostino's boss Ron Gagnon, SAH's president and chief executive officer, didn't quite make it into the $300,000 Club, falling just $300 short with $299,700.

A Sault native who's previously worked at Toronto's University Health Network and Health Sciences North in Sudbury, D'Agostino has earned more than $300,000 in three of the past five years.

Other big-money earners on the list released Friday are Police Chief Robert Keetch ($231,173 combined salary and benefits), departed Fire Chief Mike Figliola ($199,916), City Chief Administrative Officer Al Horsman ($209,731), Sault College President Ron Common ($285,973), Algoma University Acting President Celia Ross ($228,254), Crown Attorney Kelly Weeks ($221,334) and Group Health Centre CEO Alexander Lambert ($286,203).

The following are the top five Sault earners in each organization, as compiled by SooToday. 

We note that the formatting of the government's list makes it difficult or impossible in some cases to identify the cities in which individuals are based.

For this reason, local judges and OLG employees are notably absent from this list.

Sault Area Hospital

D'Agostino, Michael
Associate pathologist

Gagnon, Ron
President and chief executive officer

Webb, Andrew
Vice president of medical affairs

Cassalman, Christa
Associate pathologist

Watson, Ila
Vice president of transformation and chief human resources officer

Sault Ste. Marie Police Service

Keetch, Robert A
Chief of police

Sparling, Sean P
Deputy chief

Rollin, Monique L

Kenopic, Michael A

Davey, Michael R

Sault Ste. Marie Fire Service

Figliola, Michael
Fire chief

Martynuck, Stanley
Platoon chief

Johnson, Peter C
Fire chief

Ferris, Damon
Platoon chief

Gillespie, T. Chris
Platoon chief

City of Sault Ste. Marie

Horsman, Albert
Chief administrative officer

Girardi, Larry
Deputy CAO public works and engineering services

Kenny, Nuala M
City solicitor

White, Malcolm
Deputy CAO corporate services, city clerk

Schell, Shelley J
Chief financial officer

Sault Ste. Marie Public Library

Toth-Rissanen, Roxanne
DIrector of public libraries

Sault College

Common, Ronald

Beatty, Janice
Vice president corporate and student services

Kirkwood, Colin
Vice president academic

Bruno, Cecilia
Chief financial officer

King, Marilyn
Dean health, community services and interdisciplinary services

Algoma University

Ross, Celia
President/ associate professor modern languages

Xu, Shaochun
Professor computer science/math

Chamberlin, Craig

Dwyer, Sean
Vice president finance and administration

Osei, William
Professor geography

Ontario Ministry of Labour

Bonnick, Jervis
District manager, Ministry of Labour, Sault Ste. Marie

Ontario Ministry of Northern Development and Mines

Colpitts, R. Leigh
Manager Sault Ste. Marie area team, Ministry of Northern Development and Mines

Group Health Centre

Lambert, Alexander
Chief executive officer

Barker, Ralph
Vice president - information communication technology

Barone, Tony
Vice president - clinical operations

Rainey, Steven John
Vice president - human resources

Fetterly, Darren
Vice president - clinical operations

District of Sault Ste. Marie Social Services Administration Board

Nadeau, Michael
Chief executive officer

Petersson, David
Director of finance and administration

Barban, Jeffrey
Director of housing services

Reid, Catherine
Manager of human resources

Fairbrother, Carla
Manager of early years services

Canadian Mental Health Association

Katajamaki, Annette
Executive director

Algoma District School Board

Reece, Lucia

Santa Maria, Joe

Maurice, Joseph

Bell, Marcy

Vallee, Brent

Huron-Superior Catholic District School Board

Burton Spohn, Rosemarie

Esposito, Maria

Bruno, John

Spina, Christopher

Chilelli, Joseph

Community Living Algoma

Policicchio, John
Executive director

Algoma Family Services

Juma, Ali
Chief executive officer

Leith, Sandra J
Director of services

Local Health Integration Network - North East

Monico, Christianne
Director, home and community care, Algoma

Joanisse, Robin
Sub-region officer, Algoma

Ontario Ministry of the Attorney-General  

Weeks, Kelly A.
Crown attorney

Kirk David
Assistant Crown attorney

Pritchard, Karen E.
Assistant Crown attorney

Peterson, Dana P.
Assistant Crown attorney

This is the 21st time Ontario has released an annual list of people earning public-sector salaries of $100,000 or more.

The Public Sector Salary Disclosure Act applies to the Ontario government, Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corp., Ontario Power Generation, hospitals, municipalities, school boards, colleges and universities, as well as not-for-profit organizations that meet a funding threshold.

"The $100,000 salary threshold for disclosure has not changed since the Public Sector Salary Disclosure Act was enacted in 1996, and has not been adjusted to keep up with inflation," the provincial Treasury Board Secretariat said in a statement released yesterday.

"If the salary threshold was adjusted for inflation, it would be $151,929 in today’s dollars, reducing the number of employees included in the compendium by 85 per cent," the government statement said.

"There are a number of reasons why employees may appear in the compendium, including: employees who are progressing in their career to more challenging positions, natural progression through salary ranges, overtime payments, retroactive pay awards, performance payments and payments that may be required on retirement (e.g. to reimburse the employee for unused vacation credits)."

Two years ago, Ward 2 Councillor Sandra Hollingsworth expressed concern about the annual lists, saying they were good only for coffee-shop gossip and negativity.

Yesterday, AMAPCEO, a union representing 13,250 professional and supervisory public servants across Ontario, complained that the Sunshine List allowed a stalker to locate and harass one of its members who had moved and assumed a new name.

"The Sunshine List allowed my stalker to locate me," the woman said. "It gave him enough information to be able to figure out where I work. With this information, my stalker was able to continue harassing me in the office."

The union has launched a campaign calling on the province to protect personal privacy by removing names from the annual list, while continuing to publish salaries.

"Sixty-two per cent of our members are women," AMAPCEO President Dave Bulmer said. "If this government is serious about protecting women in an age of digital information, they'll make a simple fix to the Public Sector Salary Disclosure Act to anonymize the list."

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