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Almost everyone has their power back, PUC says (10 photos)

Crews worked over night to restore power to Marshall Drive and the Red Rock area

PUC has less than 50 customers out of power. Our crews have worked through the night to restore power to Marshall Drive and Red Rock area.

The line crews continue to work in the Prince Lake area and on individual outages.

If there is damage to a customer’s electrical service or infrastructure, a qualified electrical contractor should be consulted. A connection authorization from the Electrical Safety Authority (ESA) is required before PUC can legally re-connect any electrical services.

For further clarification, call 705-759-6522.

If you are a residential customer without power, contact our customer care team at 705-759-6522. PUC reminds all customers:

  • Downed wires should always be considered energized or "live", and extremely dangerous
  • Do not approach or drive over a downed power line and do not touch anything the power line may be in contact with
  • Parents are encouraged to talk to their children about power line safety and the dangers that can be associated with power lines


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