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Algoma University launches School of Business and Economics (6 photos)

“Algoma University is entering a state of transformation and change,” says president during Tuesday's offical launch

Algoma University launched its School of Business and Economics during a ceremony Tuesday, expanding upon its business programming in Sault Ste. Marie and Brampton with three and four year degrees in finance and economics.

The school will eventually be housed in what is now known as the first floor of the Arthur A. Wishart Library.

“Algoma University is entering a state of transformation and change,” said Algoma University president Asima Vezina during the launch ceremony. “Our board and senate, as well as our academic departments across the university, are engaging in exciting conversations and planning that is bold, innovative and futuristic.”

“We are excited today to share the first phase of that transformation, which focuses on developing the most highly prescribed program at our university - our business and economics program.”

The School of Business and Economics at Algoma University will offer the following programs:

  • Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) degree, with specialization in accounting, human resources, marketing and economics

  • Bachelor of Arts in Finance and Economics program

  • Bachelor of Arts in Economics

  • Bachelor of Arts in Accounting

Algoma University is anticipating an increases in student enrolment at both campuses - an additional 300 in the Sault, and another 500 in Brampton - within the next three years.

School of Business and Economics director Cathy Denomme says that enrolment for the inaugural year will be small, with hopes that it will grow along with the newly launched school.

“In September I am hoping that we’re going to have 20 to 50 extra people in Brampton, and probably 20 extra people in the Sault, which isn’t big - we realize that - but every person we bring here in one we get to help walk across the stage in four years, but that will grow once people understand what we’re doing,” Denomme said.

The school currently has ten full-time faculty - three in economics, and seven in business - with another 40 to 50 part-time faculty between Brampton and the Sault.

The School of Business and Economics has its sights set on a number of goals for the future, including an expansion of one-year certificate programs, establishment of “diploma-to-degree pathway agreements” and the introduction of a master of business administration program in conjunction with another university.

It’s also in talks with Algoma Steel regarding a partnership with the steel producer.

“We actually have some skills and abilities that we can share with them, and they’re willing to build that relationship, which I find very encouraging,” Denomme told SooToday.

The School of Business and Economics also used Tuesday’s ceremony to unveil conceptual drawings for the school.

“When you become a school, people have a better vision, or better perception of who you are,” Denomme said. “It’s going to be hard work, but it’s going to be fun hard work.”

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