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A Thanksgiving gift for the Soup Kitchen

100 Women Who Care Sault Ste. Marie donates more than $12,000 to feed those in need



100 Women Who Care Sault Ste. Marie (SSM) raised $12,452 for the Soup Kitchen Community Centre at the Oct. 4, 2016 meeting.  

More than 90 women in attendance heard about the amazing work of the Soup Kitchen staff and volunteers. The Soup Kitchen gave a presentation, outlining that in September 2016 1,600 meals were served. For this year, approximately 17,000 meals have been given to those in need. Ron Sim, food services and financial manager of the Soup Kitchen, stated that “with the declining economy, there has been a noticeable increase for meals resulting in us asking for community support. The donation from 100 Women Who Care SSM is much appreciated.”

The Algoma Autism Foundation, the recipient of the $11,600 raised at the inaugural meeting on May 27, 2016, was in attendance where they reported on how the funds have been used. Since receiving the funds,  RF beacon bracelets have been purchased for children with autism. Sault Search and Rescue demonstrated how these life-saving devices work, enabling quick location of children with autism who wander into dangerous situations. The Algoma Autism Foundation stressed that donations from 100+ Women Who Care SSM are not only changing lives, but may save lives.

Looking ahead, the 100 Women Who Care SSM confirm that Breaking Away will be the focus of support at the next meeting, Jan. 25, 2016 (location to be confirmed). This small registered charity supports independence for adults with a developmental disability. It is a lifeline for developmentally-disabled adults and their families. Once again the goal is to raise $10,000 or more for Breaking Away, to support their important work.

The 100 Women Who Care SSM appreciates and acknowledges the kindness of Aurora's Westside for generously subsidizing the cost of the pizzas, and Joe’s No Frills on second line and Churchill and Second line Metros for donating all the beverages for the Soup Kitchen meeting.

With the two events, the women of the city have already raised close to $25,000 -- and every penny has gone directly to small, community organizations, to be used locally. 

Membership is not capped in any way. The more 100 Women Who Care SSM grow, the more the group can reach out and support the most vulnerable members of the community.

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