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VIDEO: Yoga with goats ... Team effort benefits all

Not only do we get the benefits of animal interaction, but the goats apparently like it too

Goat yoga combines regular yoga with baby goats that hop on to the backs of yoga practitioners while they are in yoga position, or they simply nuzzle around them.

The introductory goat yoga session - with three baby goats named Lenny, Karl and Homer - was organized by Sarah Domingue, a yoga instructor and owner of Bearable Yoga with Sarah.

“We’re trying a new, unique type of yoga incorporating animal therapy with goats. We have three Nigerian Dwarf baby goats participate and play around your yoga mat and jump on you in yoga positions in the barn while you’re doing yoga,” Domingue said. “The basis for it is that animals are being proven - more and more so - in scientific studies, to show that not only do they benefit us, we benefit them."

What's next?

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